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yo Pat-E-C!

`sup boyeeeeeeeeee? whad up? u be 2 DOPE 4 me!

I`m stayin` funky fly fresh dope wack wicked ya! hawwwwyeah!

just wanted 2 send 2 u short note 2 let u know that I wore your `Flea - The Street Dog` t-Shirt here in Tokyo, and some Canadian visters in our hotel loved the maple leaf logo on there!

especially legendary Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer Mr. Dennis Morris was here and saw it as well! ...well homey, I@m gonna be in Bangkok, Singapore, Dhaka, Bombay, and Hong Kong next, prior 2 my camoe appearence back in da t-dot- in mid-September!

take care bro!

ps: even far away from home, I check out u@r hilraious toonz on da net!

great work on da site baby!peace.

Funky T.




Dear Patrick,

As an avid Flea watcher, I was delighted to see the pup participating in yet another parade (22 June 2001). I appreciate the dedication Flea brings to his work on behalf of the homeless but it's also gratifying to see that he occasionally takes time to have a little fun too.

Might I suggest a little wardrobe upgrade for next year's event?

I could see our top dog sporting an animal print (perhaps Dalmatian) head bandage, complete with faux fur trim....and Patrick, please don't forget to retrieve Flea's dog collar from the young man with the flag.


Anda Liepins


Dear Patrick,

I am forever delighted to see Flea in hot pursuit of those who lack compassion for society's vulnerable. Unfortunately Flea's job is far from over; the Letter Of The Day, "Leave animal shelter to the experts", just below your cartoon, should give our pup more paws for concern. Does Mel really think that spending so much time in the dog house qualifies him to run one?

Here's to Flea's friends at the Toronto Humane Society!

Anda Liepins